My name is Shawna Stobaugh and I am artist whose illustration subjects are greatly inspired by my own life and things that surround me. Among all the things I illustrate, my favorite things are the ones that I see daily. The style of my art is somewhat playful while still maintaining a vintage flair.

I have gathered all the fun things I enjoy into a little business. I want to share my art & give people the ability to get something wonderful & creative for themselves in a very custom way.

I have so much fun working closely with Brides. Everything from the Bachelorette Party Invitations, Bridal Shower Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Thank You Cards, RSVP Cards, Maps, Ceremony Hand Outs & Signage for the tables on the night of the wedding. These little details are what give the wedding personality & allow the Bride and Groom to make the day all their own. That's what today's modern bride is looking for & I'm happy to oblige!

I do a variety of things with my art. Sometimes I license my artwork for companies for use on products. There is nothing like seeing your art on an item at the store. Seeing how it's used in a real product is quite exciting!

I also enjoy making baby blocks with little illustrated items for each letter & really love making artwork for children's rooms & nurseries. I just happen to have a fondness for kids and babies. Especially, custom invitations for kids events. The 1st Birthday Party for your special little one, or even that 50th Wedding Anniversary you want to make special for Grandma & Grandpa. These times are special to you and I love helping make these times memorable.

The name "Nonna" was inspired by my nephews' inability to say, "Shawna." My 3 nephews don't call me that anymore, as they're 10 & older, but the name Nonna makes me smile and think of when they were little. There is nothing more amazing than sharing your life with friends and family. I have 3 nieces, 3 nephews and a little 2-year-old of my own now. They've all inspired me in many different ways. I am very thankful to have an amazing family and a great group of friends. Thanks to everyone that believed in my dream of
making my own business & helping me achieve that goal.