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My branding package is a extremely personal brand development process that is custom to your business. I take on a very limited number of new clients per month to ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves – my goal is quality over quantity and you work directly with me each and every time.
I involve my clients in the process and do my best to keep you posted every step of the way.  Through my initial interview process, client questionnaires, phone calls/skype/google hangout sessions, and ongoing communication – I find out exactly what you are looking for and do my best to make your concepts come to life in an artistic beautiful way. More than just design & illustration; I aim to be a brand consultant and helping hand for my clients when needing advise on their brand or illustration. My mission is to create a final product that reflects your style while also delivering an effective marketing tool for your business for years to come. Check out the details in my media kit below.


Who doesn't love a custom hand lettered logo? Created out of popular
demand for hand lettering services, my Hand Lettered Logo Package fits the bill. It’s a fantastic option for businesses that desire a custom handwritten logo in a certain style but already have a beautifully established brand they would like to work around. The Handwritten Logo package focuses on a certain style of hand lettering at the clients request (calligraphy, brush pen, watercolor, etc). I am always open to new ideas as well if
we are missing something.
Check out the details in my media kit below.


Are you finding yourself needing a marvelous illustration to make your product come to life? Wither it's a simple drawing, mock up, book cover design, editorial, advertising, illustrated logo, full book illustration or character design I can help. I am always open to helping with any venture needed if you don't see what you need listed. Check out the details in my media kit below.

WEBSITE DESIGN via squarespace

You will select a Squarespace template & plan. Buy and I’ll do the rest. These sites are user friendly and created to allow you manipulate later as you like. You can get free help via the Squarespace website with your account at any later date when editing your website as to minimize later charges for designing/edits/changes at later dates. Their platform creates an easy and editable end-user experience. I can walk you through the process if you are unfamiliar with the services they provide.
I can also suggest a template for your needs.
I myself use Squarespace and love the service.
Check out the details in my media kit below.


If you are looking for a truly customized design with every detail as your heart desires; I can deliver. I love talking with the bride and groom and gatherings little bits of their personality and making something unforgettable. Whether it's just the invite, just the thank you cards, some table tents, signage, a cool map; doesn't matter. I enjoy every detail and we can do whatever you need. Check out the details in my media kit below.

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