Laser Cut Wedding Invitations • Glowforge Get here already!

Here are a few laser cut wedding invitations I've been playing around with awaiting the arrival of my glowforge. I am so excited to see how much detail I will be able to get with this incredible machine once it arrives. The projects in my head are mounting and the anticipation is killing me. Patience, Shawna, patience...


my little "pattern-a-day" project was derailed • stupid kidney stones

My apologies. But, I am back on track and exploring new things. I made my first font. It was so easy thanks to All made fonts are now availble in my shop. They're shown of in little samples of art & the second image shows all the Siri Font together.


Check them out!

Grandma's House

This last month has been full of gathering things from Grandma's house and keeping the things that remind me of her house from when I stayed there often as a child. It's never anything a worth or even anything others in my family would want, but they mean a lot to me. She is moving into an assisted living place where she has her own little apartment. No need to cook or clean anymore Grandma! Yay! But, it does fill me with urgency to get any items I want now before they are gone forever.

I took the little "paint-by-number" butterfly hanging from the kitchen sink light. My grandpa passed away when I was about 3 years old and have a picture of him holding me up to the butterfly. It makes me think of him & Grandmas house. It now currently resides in our laundry room on the light pull for that area. Makes me smile every time I see it.

I also was going through the basement seeing if there was anymore milk glass pieces I love & saw this old plastic curtain covering a cart/shelf. I instantly loved the pattern. I was originally thinking of taking it and making something, but as we are getting the house on the market to sell - I really don't need anything else brought back into the house. So, I took a photo.

This photo is my inspiration and interpretation for this pattern I made. I will always be reminded of Grandma's when I look at it. I modernized the colors and made some tweaks to the style & pattern. But, it is very similar.

custom design surface pattern repeat grandmas house inspiration vintage yellow flowers nonna design illustration.png
Source: custom design surface pattern repeat ...

Freebie • Illustrator Graphic Style

Here is a free Illustrator Graphic Style I made today. I hope you enjoy! If you are not sure how to use this look up tutorials on youtube on how to use a Illustrator Graphic Style. There is tons of help there. If you'd like to share your own art made with this graphic style I'd love to see! Thanks! 

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.07.06 PM.png